SMdP Day of Giving Videos

From our homes to yours, we bring the spirit of St. Martin de Porres Catholic School to you through these testimonials that are straight from the heart.

Listen to the words of our parents, guardians, students and teachers – as they share what it’s like to be part of the SMdP community.

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“I wanted to put him in an environment where I trusted the staff, we had a relationship with them. To me, at the time that meant everything to me. I was more concerned about the nurturing of my child.”
– Ms. Durham, Parent


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“I decided to send her to Catholic school, it was a no-brainer for us because we’re over a 100 years of Roman Catholics. St. Martin’s is different from a public school because of not only the prayer and the good education here, it is the discipline.”
– Ms. Louie, Grandparent


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“First and foremost, I think they are educating the whole person. Socially, morally, in terms of making them become a positive member of society.”
– Ms. Durham, Parent


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“If I could describe St. Martin de Porres, it would be the word family. This school is a big family among the students, among the students, also among the parents and the family members. Everyone is caring and always worried about each other.”
– Ruth Caetano, Kindergarten Teacher


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